Our Philosophy
PETN1.66 Crossfit/Strength & Conditioning is home, and a home has focus.

PETN1.66 is a veteran-owned small business (Navy Seal Teams) which provides health performance strategies, knowledge, and leadership while remaining committed to teaching the fundamentals of human movement with strict adherence to form and technique. We realize that our efficacy is strictly dependent upon this commitment. We have much to offer.

So what is our prescription for health? Simple, it's a combination of clean eating & nutrition, mobility & stability, a clear plan of action for your health related goals, recovery, and consistency. We firmly believe that true health is based on an accurate nutrition plan followed by a tailored fitness regimen for each and every single client. Thats it!

Yes, PETN1.66 Crossfit does design our own fitness and performance programming. Premanufactured workouts from an unknown entity with no direction is for the rest of the herd. To that end, PETN1.66 does honor our fallen heroes and first responders killed in the line of duty with 'Hero WOD's' that are designed and typically pre-coordinated through the Crossfit community.

Need a few demons exercised along the way, we tackle these hurdles with you using focus and precision, while applying the right 'medicine.'

The hardest step is always the first, take it! Time is the only true commodity. Quit wasting your time and begin your dedicated journey now; make the call, send the email, blast a text to us, or stop by the gym. We live on Facebook, 'Friend' us, message us.